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Install XHProf on your system

Here are the basic methods for getting XHProf onto your system:

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structure and interpretation of computer programs
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  • Disable Drupal core caches (page cache, block cache, CSS & JS optimization, etc.)
  • Sanitize user data
  • Update Drupal's file system paths (public, private, tmp directories)
  • Enable email rerouting
  • Update logging and error level settings
  • Re-configure a contrib module. E.g., Secure Site (enable, set permissions, guest accounts).


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Example use cases:

  1. You're using the phone field to display phone numbers, but you'd like to customize the HTML output to make it mobile-compatible (click to call).
  2. Your nodes display full addresses via the addressfield module, but you'd like to render those addresses as google maps links.

We'll start by letting the Field API know that we have a new field format for it to play with.


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