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The finer details of a The Rood Dudes's Roof Restoration

Pressure Clean Roof

Our teams are trained to thouroughly clean down the roof removing the old oxidised colour providing a perfect surface for the next step of our Restoration.

Carefull Preparation = Superior Finish

At The Roof Dudes we know that taking the time to prepare the the roof to a high standard using careful pressure cleaning techniques will lead to an end result that both the home owner and Roofshield can be proud of.

We Care

The Roof Dudes understands the importance of keeping water out during the cleaning process. We ensure this using skilled Tradesman trained to maintain very specific angles throughout the entire pressure clean.

Replace Broken Tiles

The Roof Dudes sources all kinds of tile profiles by many different manufactures enabling us to match up to our customers existing tile type resulting in a perfect job even on close inspection.

Close Inspection

Our Skilled Tradesmen do a thourough inspection for broken tiles both before and after the pressure clean.

Repoint All Ridge Caps

Due to our high standard promise all Ridge Caps are repointed with Flexible Pointing during a The Rood Dudes Roof Restoration. We do not simpily “patch fix” but Repoint the entire Ridge Line

Qualified Tradesmen

The Roof Dudes Tradesmen operate within a strict quality controlled enviroment so we can ensure a neat and professional repair of even the most deteriated Ridge Line and Pointing.

Quality Control

All work is inspected by a Roofshield Manager or Team Leader.

Seal Coat

This is a critical part of a The Roof Dudes Roof Restoration, by sealing the tiles we prevent the absorbtion of water. Water retension on a porous roof can be one of the most conributing factor to a deteriating Roof.

The Roof Dudes Sealer

Our Cement Tile Seal Coatings are second to none and provide the best surface possible for the next stage of our Roof Restoration, applying the Acrilic Membraine.

Perfectly Applied

All our Tradesmen are trained to ensure that our Seal Coat will be applied to the The Roof Dudes high standard of quality, ensuring an even seal of your cement tiles over your entire roof.

Flexible Acrylic Membraine

The Roof Dudes Acrylic Membraines use an advanced technology adhesion system, they are an 100% Acrylic Membrane with UV blocking pigmentation. Our products are forumlated to meet Australian conditions as a durable long life roof finish. It has excellent gloss retention and long lasting Natural Colour Pigments.

Two Coats

Our Flexible Acrylic Membraine is applied over a Two-Coat process ensuring compete coverage. Our promise is to provide enough coating to ensure a long lasting and extremely durable finish.

Perfect Finish

By the end of the Second Acrylic Membraine Coat you have been provided with a Three-Coat System including the Sealer Coat. This system makes for beautiful consistancy of colour & gloss and is proven to protect your investment while enhancing its appearance dramatically.

We Clean Up

To leave you feeling comletely satisified with your The Roof Dudes experience we ensure a thourough clean up around our work area.

Completed and Completely Satisified

Our aim is to give every customer a positive The Roof Dudes experience. We know it can be just as important to get the little things right at the end, like the final clean up, just as much as it is about the big steps right during the Roof Restoration process.